Contemporary Garden Furniture, is a must have for any well kept garden in this day in age. Buying garden furniture that is a bit different and unique, is a sure fire way to make even the dullest gardens look alive and modern.

Garden Furniture materials come in various and numerous forms. Current trends seem to focus on Teak wood furniture, as the wood is tough and aesthetically please to the eye. Its light color give gardens a coastal, even Mediterranean feel.

However, Teak isn't the only material which is in popular at the moment. Aluminium garden furniture and plastic garden furniture are also top choice for people wanting to liven up their gardens, and outdoor entertaining areas. We're not talking about a plastic table and chairs that can be picked up at Homebase for £25 a set.  Large, colorful, highly durable and beautiful pieces are often in a garden furniture sale and are being produced by most of the high end furniture mills. 

More contemporary garden furniture is not just restricted to the standard table and chair sets that adorn most gardens in the UK. Shaded seating areas, such as the picture to the right, are becoming more and more common. Its also not so unusual to see the odd bed popping up occasionally. Bed look wonderful situated outside, all weather mattresses create comfort and style in the garden. Not only that, when it gets to hot too bare in the summer months, you can toddle on out to the garden with your duvet and sleep under the stars.

Where possible, dining and lounging areas should be kept separate. Stone garden furniture looks fantastic when used in outdoor dining areas, as we can see from the image on the left. Not only does it look fabulous, stone furniture will last a a lot longer than you or I will be around for. 

Cast Iron garden sets are also a winner when it comes to dining sets. Stunning designs are being produced by manufactures such as Swan Hattersley and Nova,.

Tips on Contemporary Garden Furniture

Click play on the video to get some tips on contemporary garden furniture. Some good tips on maintenance, and the different types of furniture available.